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Available Services

We are always looking for new accounts or special events. We pay competitive percentages and event fees and provide you with exceptional products and service. Our great looking set-ups and extremely popular products have been a big hit with many venues  and special events across North America. Cin City Donuts and Lemon Heaven concepts allow our customers' to watch our products being made fresh, from start to finish. Whether it's mixing and pouring our donut dough, dropping donuts into the fryer, flipping donuts, finishing donuts or squeezing lemons, our customers love to watch the whole process. Customers want to see a show, and we give it to them. After all…it's all part of what makes a special event SPECIAL! Once we have tantalized our customers with sight and smell, they want to taste every time and always come back for more. 

The following products and set-ups available for this location are:


Our Mini Donuts are sold under the registered trademark "Cin City Donuts". Cin City Donuts are high quality mini donuts made fresh before our customers eyes. The sight and aroma of freshly made donuts stops customers in their tracks and they can't resist this tasty treat! Consistently one of the most popular products at any event, you can't go wrong with mini donuts. At Cin City Donuts, we are set-up to sell at top speed without sacrificing quality. Our mini donuts come in cinnamon sugar and plain, as well as gourmet mini donut cups topped with real strawberries & whipped cream, s'mores, real bacon bits & maple syrup, and powdered sugar & chocolate syrup. Our customers leave happy and return every time.


With Lemon Heaven Lemonade (our trademarked freshly squeezed lemonade), all lemons are freshly squeezed in front of the customer so they know they're getting the real thing. We shake the Lemon Heaven and stab a hole in the top for the straw. All squashed lemons are served in the drink creating a great visual show piece while the customer strolls through the event. The smell of freshly squeezed lemons,  the novelty of watching the process from start to finish, and the delicious final product keeps customers coming back for more every time. Lemon Heaven is served in 12, 24 & 32 oz sizes and flavors include original, cherry, blue raspberry, water melon, lime, strawberry, peach, mango, tiger's blood (strawberry & coconut) and iced tea flavored lemonade. Lemon Heaven offers a popular diabetic version of our original lemonade for our diabetic customers who have a hard time finding quality beverages suitable for their needs. Lemon Heaven pays special attention to the environment and can offer compostable cups, lids and straws which are actually made of corn.


Our custom Lemon Heaven Trailers win awards on a regular basis. These beautiful trailers have a big night presence are custom designed for high volume production.


The Lemon Heaven Kiosk is one of our most visible and highest volume set-up. Our licensed methods of operation allow us to achieve much higher sales than our competitors while maintaining a clean and professional appearance. This kiosk can be set up and ready to sell in less than an hour. Dome shape and weighted shelving system will allow this kiosk to withstand hurricane force winds. Zip in windows, screens and door keep everything clean and sheltered from mother nature.


Our Lemon Heaven Carts are very portable, require very little to operate and look great on any concourse!


Vending the seats provides an exceptional service to your customers while increasing sales.

Our experienced vending staff stand out from the crowd with our great looking uniforms.

Cool Concessions Inc. is an independently owned and operated franchise partner of Lemon Heaven Beverages Inc.



"Only the good lemons make it into Lemon Heaven"

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