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Employment Opportunities

Independent small business owners, that represent the Cin City Donuts brand, are always looking for new team members that will help deliver an exceptional customer service experience. The work environment is extremely fast paced and exciting. You will be working sporting events, concerts, fairs, festivals and malls. Employees take pride in their work and the products that they sell. Our independent business owners understand how important you are in the customer service equation.

Cin City Donuts franchise partners promise to:

Treat their employees like they expect them to treat the customer.

Train every person in their organization well, so that everyone understands the “how” and equally importantly the “why” of everything they do.

Educate every person in their organization on their customer service goals and vision, so that all employees will be aligned and working together towards the same goal.

Treat everyone that comes in contact with their organization like a customer so that they have a positive impression of the represented brands and the independent small business.

If your values and work ethic are aligned with our franchise partners', contact the franchise partner closest to you by clicking here. Send them an email and let them know you are interested in joining their team!

Good Luck! We hope to see you in a Cin City Donuts or Lemon Heaven uniform soon!


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