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Cin City Donuts Franchise Info

We are actively seeking qualified individuals for Cin City Donuts Business and/or Lemon Heaven Business franchise licenses in Canada and in the United States!

Cin City Donuts specializes in mini donuts, coffee, hot chocolate, and iced coffee.

Lemon Heaven specializes in freshly squeezed lemonade, cotton candy, and sno cones.

Everything is made fresh within our self-contained award winning mobile carts, kiosks, and trailers designed for high traffic indoor or outdoor non-traditional fun oriented locations such as arenas, stadiums, convention centers, zoos, farmers markets, concerts, car races, carnivals, fairs, and festivals.

Why Cin City Donuts and/or Lemon Heaven?

We have over 20 years of experience developing our systems to support you in operating and growing your franchise business. We also leverage our relationships in the concession business industry for the benefit of all of our franchise partners.

We are honored that our franchise partners have chosen us for multiple franchisee satisfaction awards. Our franchise partners are passionate about their Cin City Donuts and/or Lemon Heaven franchise for the following reasons:

  • award winning freshly made products that they're extremely proud to represent;
  • lifestyle that facilitates a desirable work/life balance;
  • the ability to work with family and/or friends;
  • proven systems and equipment designed for high volume operations;
  • lower product and labor costs compared to most other food and beverage operations;
  • opportunities for diverse working environments with a wide variety of possible venues and events.

Compared to traditional bricks and mortar franchises, risk is mitigated with lower capital costs and mobility of equipment investments to the best possible locations. The business often gives franchise partner’s children an early education on business operations while contributing towards overall confidence in running a business, particularly in the area of customer service. When it's time to relax, you're not burdened with ongoing overhead costs typical of traditional locations.

Franchise partners are part of our family and love what they do!

Our Intranet System provides you with tools to run your franchise business including access to our online custom event management program and forums to communicate with fellow franchisees.

Our yearly convention will give you an opportunity to learn more about the business from educational seminars and networking opportunities with other long time franchisees.

Where else can you be your own boss in an environment where you can work at Sporting Events; Concerts; Arenas & Stadiums; Convention Centers; Festivals; Fairs; Amusement Parks; Zoos; Farmers Markets; The Beach; etc?

How much is the Franchise License Fee?

If you initially invest in operating both a Lemon Heaven and Cin City Donuts franchise business, we charge a one-time franchise fee of $7,500 plus applicable taxes for both operations. If you initially invest in either a Lemon Heaven franchise or a Cin City Donuts franchise, we charge a one-time franchise fee of $7,500 plus applicable taxes. Subject to our approval, if you subsequently invest in adding either Lemon Heaven or Cin City Donuts to your operations as the case may be, we charge a one-time expansion fee of $7,500 plus applicable taxes and you will need to complete training for that particular operation.

The initial franchise fee or expansion fee, if applicable, is only charged for your “Special Events Business” franchise license or first “Site Specific Business” franchise license location. Subject to our approval, you are able to expand to multiple "Site Specific Business" locations without any additional franchise fees. This scenario is virtually unheard of in the franchising industry!

Exceptions: For mall or store locations that do not require a custom build-out (kiosk application), the franchise fee will be $15,000 for your first kiosk mall or store location, and $7,500 for each such additional kiosk location. For any site specific location that requires a custom build-out, regardless of whether you currently operate, or have previously operated, any other franchise businesses, the franchise fee will be $25,000 for each such location. For any site specific location that does not require a custom build-out, other than a mall or store location, we do not charge an additional franchise fee. 

We are a member of the International Franchise Association, and we participate in the IFA's VetFran Program.  We provide a 33.33% discount on the Franchise Fee to veterans of the Armed Forces who meet the requirements of the VetFran Program.

How much are the Royalties?

Royalties are 5%, payable monthly and are based on total monthly franchise business Gross Receipts (sales) before sales taxes. Royalties are subject to any applicable sales taxes. 

How much is the Advertising and Marketing fee?

2% of Gross Receipts, payable monthly, are pooled into a national advertising and marketing fund.

Our current policy is to provide an annual calendar year Local Ad Fund Budget, calculated as follows:

  • Local Ad Fund Budget = one-half (50%) of your Marketing Fund contribution (1% of Gross Receipts) in the previous calendar year less total annual Lemon Heaven Intranet fees which we pay monthly on your behalf. Note: Annual Intranet fees are currently $191.88 ($15.99 x 12 months)

We determine your Local Ad Fund Budget at the beginning of each calendar year. After your first calendar year (or partial calendar year) of operation, your Local Ad Fund Budget is available each calendar year for eligible Local Ad Fund expenditures that you incur. If you don't spend your Local Ad Fund Budget on or before December 31 in any particular calendar year, you lose any unspent balance to the National Ad Fund. We administer your annual Local Ad Fund Budget and reimburse you for eligible Local Ad Fund expenditures.

What training is provided?

Upon successfully completing the franchisee selection process, you must complete our initial training program. We will make every effort to schedule the initial training at a location near you and to include opening day on-site training to guide you through the process and to reinforce your training. If there are scheduling constraints, we will schedule an alternate location and date. Some or the entire classroom portion of the initial training may be conducted by webinar. 

For either a Lemon Heaven franchise or a Cin City Donuts franchise, the initial training is typically 3 days. For both a Lemon Heaven franchise and a Cin City Donuts franchise, the initial training is typically 5 days. 

Initial training is included in your Franchise Fee, however, you are responsible for all of your travel, meal, staff wages, and lodging expenses if applicable. During training, we teach you how to obtain events, what event organizers are looking for, and provide you with sample letters, references, and marketing material templates you can use for your proposals or applications. We will teach you best practices, methods of operation, mixing recipes, and also train you on the type of equipment that you will be using. Provided that you are ready to operate when we arrive for initial training, there will be no additional charges for our costs incurred in providing initial training.

Isn't it time you take control of your own destiny?

Contact us now to see if you have what it takes to join our family!

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. Currently, the following provinces in Canada and states in the U.S. regulate the offer and sale of franchises: In Canada: Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island. In the U.S.: California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.  If you are a resident of one of these provinces or states, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction.

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