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How much is the Advertising and Marketing fee?

2% of Gross Receipts, payable monthly, are pooled into a national advertising and marketing fund.

Our current policy is to provide an annual calendar year Local Ad Fund Budget, calculated as follows:

  • Local Ad Fund Budget = one-half (50%) of your Marketing Fund contribution (1% of Gross Receipts) in the previous calendar year less total annual Lemon Heaven Intranet fees which we pay monthly on your behalf. Note: Annual Intranet fees are currently $191.88 ($15.99 x 12 months)

We determine your Local Ad Fund Budget at the beginning of each calendar year. After your first calendar year (or partial calendar year) of operation, your Local Ad Fund Budget is available each calendar year for eligible Local Ad Fund expenditures that you incur. If you don't spend your Local Ad Fund Budget on or before December 31 in any particular calendar year, you lose any unspent balance to the National Ad Fund. We administer your annual Local Ad Fund Budget and reimburse you for eligible Local Ad Fund expenditures.

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