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What training is provided?

Upon successfully completing the franchisee selection process, you must complete our initial training program. We will make every effort to schedule the initial training at a location near you and to include opening day on-site training to guide you through the process and to reinforce your training. If there are scheduling constraints, we will schedule an alternate location and date. Some or the entire classroom portion of the initial training may be conducted by webinar. 

For either a Lemon Heaven franchise or a Cin City Donuts franchise, the initial training is typically 3 days. For both a Lemon Heaven franchise and a Cin City Donuts franchise, the initial training is typically 5 days. 

Initial training is included in your Franchise Fee, however, you are responsible for all of your travel, meal, staff wages, and lodging expenses if applicable. During training, we teach you how to obtain events, what event organizers are looking for, and provide you with sample letters, references, and marketing material templates you can use for your proposals or applications. We will teach you best practices, methods of operation, mixing recipes, and also train you on the type of equipment that you will be using. Provided that you are ready to operate when we arrive for initial training, there will be no additional charges for our costs incurred in providing initial training.

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