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Lemon Heaven San Diego is open for business!

Rob and Heather Melville , from Oceanside, CA, opened their Lemon Heaven Franchise on January 7th, 2011 at the Rancho Santa Margarita Plaza farmers market in Orange County, CA. (Check them out every friday from 1-6)

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Check out this video of Rob and Heather's journey from training to Convention to Opening Day.











Everything went smoothly with Marty Bennett from Lemon Heaven Corporate there to help out. Rob and Heather did a great job and didn't really need the corporate support. Everything has been clicking into place for the couple as they have done a great job getting word out about their beautiful set-up and delicious lemonade. Rob and Heather were quoted saying on their opening day "the market was much smaller than we were expecting, but our sales were MUCH MORE than we were expecting". They were a big hit and even doubled their sales the following week and are already double booked during the spring and summer. Rob and Heather have a brand new Lemon Heaven Kiosk and are already ordering a second kiosk after only a couple weeks in business. Rob and Heather are operating in the San Diego County territory and are currently looking to secure Lemon Heaven contracts and the many arena, stadiums, convention centers and amusement parks etc. in the area. Lemon Heaven has many different types of equipment to fit any particular venue and Rob and Heather are prepared to make the investment for new equipment in your venue.


















Good Luck Guys! We know that you will be a huge success in the San Diego area!

"Only the good lemons make it into Lemon Heaven"

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