Alejandra and Kiel, Cherryville, BC. 
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Derek Campbell of Servo Canada writes "their stands esthetically are the best I have seen. Their product quality is exceptional and their performance is always of a high standard. I congratulate them on a superb service and can recommend them as concessionaires to any potential employer."

Kurt Metivier of Aramark writes "We find the operators to be professional and flexible. Their product quality is high and their performance is always exceptional. They demonstrate a high degree of integrity in regards to their accounting and reporting of sales and inventory."

Lynda Guevin of Beaver Foods writes "Lemon Heaven is the most professionally managed concession that I have ever dealt with. Their cleanliness is exceptional. Their staff are courteous and pleasant at all times, I would highly recommend them and their product to anyone wishing to increase sales with a top-notch product."

Kristin Bower of The Pan Pacific Hotel writes "Our hotel Associates enjoyed the fair and your lemonade was delicious! Please accept my sincere thanks for helping to ensure the success of this year's fair. It was a pleasure meeting you."

Daniela Cmiral is a Public Health Inspector and she writes "Very, Very Nice Set-UP!"

Lemon Heaven Customers Write:

"I was at the Area 1 Festival held at UBC and tried your lemonade and was blown away by the fresh taste offerd by Lemon Heaven." Sandy (Vancouver)

"Hi, I just thought I'd write you after having your beverage. It was a great experience" Kristina (Vancouver)

"What a great idea and what a great tasting lemonade." Marlene (Edmonton)


"Only the good lemons make it into Lemon Heaven"

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