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Event Organizers

Attract new customers to your venue or special event with freshly squeezed Lemon Heaven lemonade, fresh Cin City mini donuts, and/or cotton candy made right before their eyes!


Increase Your Sales and Delight Your Attendees

We pay competitive percentages and event fees and provide you with exceptional products and service. Everything is produced within our award-winning custom portable carts, kiosks, and trailers designed for high traffic locations such as fairs, festivals, concerts, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, zoos, and amusement parks.

  • High-quality products customers can watch being made fresh from start to finish
  • Tantalized sights and smells to draw people in
  • Exceptionally attractive set-ups
  • The ability to offer seat vending


Why we're perfect for your Event or Venue

  • Working with Lemon Heaven and Cin City Donuts is an absolute pleasure.

    They are professional, have excellent food quality and have of the highest quality customer services.

    I highly recommend them.

    James Radke, Calgary Stampede
  • Since 1996 I have used Lemon Heaven as a sub contractor in a variety of special events city wide that I have organized and as our ONLY sub contractor at BC Place. Lemon Heaven is the most professionally managed concession operator that I have ever dealt with. Their cleanliness is exceptional, and their staff are courteous and pleasant at all times. I would highly recommend them and their products to anyone wishing to increase sales with top-notch products.

    Lynda Guevin, Manager of Concessions and Retail Sales, BC Place Stadium

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Lemon Heaven products do you sell?

    We make lemonade with lemons we squeeze before your eyes, then add ice and shake, shake, shake to produce our signature Lemon Heaven taste! Lemon Heaven is served in your choice of 12, 24 or 32 oz (355, 710 & 946 ml) sizes. Available FREE flavors include:

    • Original and Diabetic option
    • Cherry
    • Blue Raspberry
    • Watermelon
    • Lime
    • Strawberry
    • Peach
    • Mango
    • Iced Tea
    • Tiger's Blood (strawberry & coconut)

    Lemon Heaven offers a popular diabetic version of our original lemonade for our diabetic customers who have a hard time finding quality beverages suitable for their needs.

    For those with a sweet tooth, we also sell cotton candy!

  • What Cin City Donuts products do you sell?

    Customers can choose a bag, bucket, or one of our gourmet-topped selections. Our donuts can be topped with their choice of cinnamon sugar, powder sugar, or a variety of gourmet toppings. We also offer gourmet mini donut cups topped with real strawberries and whipped cream, S'mores, real bacon bits and maple syrup, or powdered sugar and chocolate syrup.

  • Why is cotton candy a good choice for events?

    Lemon Heaven has been selling cotton candy at arenas, stadiums, and special events for many years. Our attractive carts allow us to spin cotton candy in front of customers for a great show. Cotton candy can also be made in bulk in advance for remote or highly attended events, ensuring that you never run out. Our mobile "cotton candy trees" add a lot of colour to any event and also give us the ability to add points of sale everywhere without the need for power, water and a lot of space.

  • Can I request only one of your products?

    We are pleased to offer the flexibility to provide one product or a combination of any of our products to enhance your food service offering.

  • Are your products and packaging environmentally friendly?

    At Lemon Heaven we care about the environment and keeping our packaging out of landfills. Please take the time to separate compostable organics (ice & lemons) and recyclable plastics and place them in the appropriate container for recycling. Although we offer some events “compostable packaging” (if commercial composting facilities exist in that area), we prefer to use recyclable plastics that can be recycled several times. Cin City Donuts uses compostable packaging that requires a commercial composting facility. Please place your packaging in the appropriate bins to be taken for commercial composting.

  • What's most environmentally friendly - PET Plastics or Compostable Plastics or Coated Paper cups?

    PET Plastics can be recycled many times and are widely used across North America. PET Plastics can be recycled curbside, and there are many other recycling centres available.

    Compostable Plastics need to be commercially composted to achieve the desired result. Very often smaller cities do not have commercial composting facilities. In this case, all Compostable Plastics will end up in the landfill where they will not break down. Quite often Compostable Plastics get mixed with the PET Plastics recycling stream, resulting in a contamination of the recycling stream. Compostable Plastics can’t be recycled like PET Plastics. Unfortunately, marketing materials with a lack of information mislead the end user into thinking they can throw their compostable packaging into the garbage and it will break down on its own. This is not the case. Compostable Plastic sounds nice but not when it lasts forever in the landfill.

    Paper cups will not hold liquid unless they have a coating applied. Unfortunately, once a coating is applied they can’t be recycled and must go to the landfill. Coated Paper cups that people keep throwing in the paper recycling only contaminate the recycling stream. They must be thrown in the garbage, where they will not break down. Paper cups also contribute to deforestation.

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