Prairie Flavoured Lemonade


Delight your guests with freshly squeezed Lemon Heaven lemonade! Corporate events, birthdays, weddings, church events, and more. We use high quality, fresh ingredients.


We're Dedicated to Providing High Quality Products

All of our operators have a strong commitment to appearance and cleanliness. Our strict standards ensure your guests will be delighted by our service and offerings.

  • Delicious and fun items
  • Award-Winning carts, kiosks, and trailers
  • Personable, friendly staff
  • Multiple locations and partners across North America


Why our customers love us

  • #lemonheaven “Believe it or not, I haven’t had lemonheaven since highschool & they only had 2 flavours available - original and lime! 6 years later, they now have 10 different choices!! 🤩We got mango, tigers blood (coconut & strawberry) and blueberry. Sooo refreshing. One of my favourite food trucks 💖

  • #lemonheaven “So you think its some pretty good lemonade !🍋
    Well you think right !🍋 That was probably the best lemonade ever !🍋


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Lemon Heaven products do you sell?

    We make lemonade with lemons we squeeze before your eyes, then add ice and shake, shake, shake to produce our signature Lemon Heaven taste! Lemon Heaven is served in your choice of 12, 24 or 32 oz (355, 710 & 946 ml) sizes. Available FREE flavors include:

    • Original and Diabetic option
    • Cherry
    • Blue Raspberry
    • Watermelon
    • Lime
    • Strawberry
    • Peach
    • Mango
    • Iced Tea
    • Tiger's Blood (strawberry & coconut)

    Lemon Heaven offers a popular diabetic version of our original lemonade for our diabetic customers who have a hard time finding quality beverages suitable for their needs.

  • Are your products and packaging environmentally friendly?

    At Lemon Heaven we care about the environment and keeping our packaging out of landfills. Please take the time to separate compostable organics (ice & lemons) and recyclable plastics and place them in the appropriate container for recycling. Although we offer some events “compostable packaging” (if commercial composting facilities exist in that area), we prefer to use recyclable plastics that can be recycled several times.

  • What's most environmentally friendly - PET Plastics or Compostable Plastics or Coated Paper cups?

    PET Plastics can be recycled many times and are widely used across North America. PET Plastics can be recycled curbside, and there are many other recycling centres available.

    Compostable Plastics need to be commercially composted to achieve the desired result. Very often smaller cities do not have commercial composting facilities. In this case, all Compostable Plastics will end up in the landfill where they will not break down. Quite often Compostable Plastics get mixed with the PET Plastics recycling stream, resulting in a contamination of the recycling stream. Compostable Plastics can’t be recycled like PET Plastics. Unfortunately, marketing materials with a lack of information mislead the end user into thinking they can throw their compostable packaging into the garbage and it will break down on its own. This is not the case. Compostable Plastic sounds nice but not when it lasts forever in the landfill.

    Paper cups will not hold liquid unless they have a coating applied. Unfortunately, once a coating is applied they can’t be recycled and must go to the landfill. Coated Paper cups that people keep throwing in the paper recycling only contaminate the recycling stream. They must be thrown in the garbage, where they will not break down. Paper cups also contribute to deforestation.